Hi everybody!
Long time since I wrote anything now, and now when I do I'm a bit handicapped.
On saturday when I was waiting for my friend to come over I was washing up some dishes and I had my hand in a glass when it broke, I cut the skin off my knuckle and had to go to the doctor so they could put some bandages on it. 
Some drama that night and the only thing I wanted to do was to go home and drink wine =P
When we got back home we had so much fun, talking, playing, drinking and taking photos.
Before we went to the doctor we went to our workplace and got some help from Jespers dad, blood everywhere, it took 4 hours for it to stop bleeding.
We had so much fun in the watingroom =)
Got home and had to open a bottle with a knife, maybe not the best choice of me but I didn't cut myself =P
Yesterday I didn't do anything, I have to do my dishes but I cant!
Soo I just played around with the camera
That was my dramatic weekend, how was yours?
Now I'm going to do my workout and then try to cook some lunch!

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