Dress help please!

Home again! The doctor said everything looked really good and all the "problems" I had was just in my head =)
But now I need your help with something important.
As I told you before I'm a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding this summer, and I need to find a dress that I like, I have found 5 dresses and now I can't choose.
In the pictures I'm going to show you the dresses are in different colours, but the first one is the correct colour, so I need your help, which one should I buy? My favourites are number 1 and 4.
The right coloured one!


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Nr 1 va ju jättefin!! Fina va dom allihopa men jag föll för den första. Lycka till i valet. :)

Svar: ja den är underbar, måste ju bara bli rätt när det är till ett så stort tillfälle =)

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