When you have the clear vision of your dream man and dreamlife, how do you get it? Where do you start on the journey to get the life and man that you want?
A good idea is to get the curage to ask him out, eventhough it's scaring the hell out of me and my heart is pounding so hard of just the thought of clicking the call button on the phone. 
How do I even start a conversation like that? Hi I'm Ella do you want to go on a date with me? That's ridiculous, or is it? I don't know, maybe we need some small talk first to lighten the mood ;) But what to say? Help me out here please, I'm going crazy over here!
I have this idea in my head and heart that he would be perfect for me, and I can't let it go, I have to take a chance and see where it takes me, and in my head he says yes but I'm almost sure he will say no, but then at least I tried and then I can let it go.

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