Next life

You know that sometimes people are talking about what they want to be in their next Life? Often they will be a tiger or a dog or something.
If I got to decide what i want to be I would like to be a high class stripper or a proffessional poledancer or something like that!
I thought of this Before when i was driving home and a Classic strip song came on (you know like "pour some sugar on me" that they Always strip to in Movies), and i thought it would be fun to be one =)
Don't judge me for this now please =)
(Pictures from google)


Im in such a bad mood today and I have so much to do.
This is going to be a very long and hard day, hope I find someone funny who will spend the last evening in my apartment with me tonight, someone who can get me in a better mood.
Update: It just got worse!


i don't have time for this bloging thing right now but i will do it anyway =)
it is only 11 Days til I move to London and i have so much to do, my weeks are booked!
On monday i had my friend from work here, we had coffee (coke) and just talked for a few hours, Lovely to have her here.
After that I Went to my other friends for dinner, they gave me tacos =) yaay!

After the tacos we went out for a Cruise in my friends Brothers cab =) that was so much fun, all of the people laughed at us because we were listening to old Swedish hits!