Baby blues

At my sisters place right now, we are going to baby blues burlesque show, its based on the movies burlesque and cry baby :)

Its going to be so much fun :)

What are you doing tonight?


I need a change of scenery!

I need to get away from pennybridge and just dont care about anything!

I need to find something else to do that i love!

Are you going to hell?

I just got home, I have spent some time with some of my friends today.
I heard a funny story or riddle or what it is called and I´m going to tell you the story =P
BUT be awared, if you laugh you are going to hell =) (i´m so going there and going to be the devil herself).
What do you do when a baby with half a face come crawling towards you?
You stop laughing, reload your gun and shoot again!
Hahahaha it´s sooo funny!!