Happy day

Despite the headache and that im tired its a happy day! This morning when i woke up i remembered that Stiftelsens new album was released today, so that has been playing all day long!
They have done it again, their music hits my heart everytime and i become so happy. 
And today its only 10 days until i go home to sweden and see them play, and i get to meet them :)

Wich way to go?

Today I have had a really bad day, with headache and gloomy weather.
And I'm thinking to much on the future right now so it feels like my head is going to explode.
I need to figure out what I want to do in my life, what I want to work with and I have so many things that I want to do so it's hard to decide and to know where to begin.
I dream really big and that's not always good, because all your ideas are over the top and it's not always that you can make them work.
Burleque club
As you can see i have a lot of ideas for my future, but what way should i go?

just need to share

Okey, I need to say something about this!
There is a discussion on Stiftelsens facebook page about one of there songs called "now you can go home" (but in swedish) and it is outregeous.

Tonight I might have more luck
it's you and nobody else
I play out my role now
it is us and no other

Let us lose all control
People still have no track
we hurry home to me
hurry home to me

Must the whole damn night to go
Before I get to dip the wick in your fire
Must the whole damn night to go
Before I get 
Now you can go home
Now you can go home

I feel the blood rush but no no
You just want to talk
But I never learn
You fall asleep and I may camp
Why are you so hard
Are you afraid that I'm big
It's small but good

Must the whole damn night to go
Before I get to dip the wick in your fire
Must the whole damn night to go
Before I get some
Now you can go home


There you have the lyrics with a bad translation but you get what the song is about. And these lyrics do people think is the birth of rapists and violent people, and that it is aloud to nag to get sex from a girl.

I don't know where they get this from because it is a really funny song that cracks me up everytime I hear it. These people have a giant freaking stick up their asses and want to blame someone for all the bad that is happening in the world. But I have to say that the reason for everything bad is NOT this song and its lyrics, and you cant blame Stiftelsen of it because you dont like their music. If you dont like it dont listen to it. 

And this song has been out for more than a year and not until now are they responding to it. 
People need to get some humour and not take everything so serious.

Just listen to the music and remember the lyrics, and then you tell me if you feel that the lyrics is degrading towards woman and that it teaches guys that it is allowed to rape women and stuff like that!