Throwback thursday

Goodmorning everyone!
Soon I'm off and I will be gone all day long, but before I go it's time for throwback thursday, yaaay!
This picture is taken by my brother in 2007 I think, I worked in a restaurant called Mingla. 
I worked at this place between 2005-2008 and it was fun sometimes but I think this picture is taken at the period of time when I worked my ass off and was not feeling so good, I worked all day everyday except for sundays and I worked alone most of the time! But as I said, we had some really good times!


How are you today?
I have done nothing today, or I powerwalked with my mom until her dog ran away. She was gone for 30 minutes and we found her back at the house :/ Scary shit when you know there is a wolf parading this forrest!
I just throw together some chocolate pudding and some whippedcream so this evening is saved. 
Tomorrow is going to be a day of bad update because I'm busy the whole day, but I will do an update before I leave home =)
My mom and dads rottweiler Sanna


I'm the queen of unnecessary things, I love them, especially if they actually have a purpose. 
The best place to get things like that is a website called 
This is a form that you can boil your eggs in and they will be heartformed
Strawberry slicer
This is perfect! Put your cake batter in this one and it will be mess free!
Put your popcorn seeds in this bowl and put it in the microwave!
I want this stuff =P
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