Hello there!
Sorry for the bad update, but a lot of things is going on now, in my head and in the life around me.
Yesterday I was eating lunch with my dear friends Maria and Gunilla, or at the beginning it was suppose to be just me and Gunilla but then we ran into Maria and she joined us.
After lunch I borrowed a car and went out to visit my mom, thought she needed some company =)
I'm free from work today because my finger hurts so bad and I cant move it so it's hard to work.
So today I'm gonna try to wash my dishes and clean my appartment, see how much I can do.

Dress help please!

Home again! The doctor said everything looked really good and all the "problems" I had was just in my head =)
But now I need your help with something important.
As I told you before I'm a bridesmaid at my sisters wedding this summer, and I need to find a dress that I like, I have found 5 dresses and now I can't choose.
In the pictures I'm going to show you the dresses are in different colours, but the first one is the correct colour, so I need your help, which one should I buy? My favourites are number 1 and 4.
The right coloured one!


I'm at the doctorsoffice right now to see if they can fix the girls up after the operation I had a year ago, it's just a few things that I'm not quite happy with :) 

Talk to you later when I'm home again!