Love (again)

Im in a period of time now when I only think about love and I hate it, because I really want it and I really need to be loved in that romantic way.
I just want someone to hold me at night and kiss me goodmorning, is that so much to ask for? 
I know, I should be focusing on me now when I am in London but I am beginning to get tired of that, give me love!
Cant someone just come and sweap me off my feets? 

Deal or no deal?

Hi there!
I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and we were talking about photoshoots.
He want to do a fineart photoshoot, and I made a deal with him that I can be the model if he can't find anybody else, he has till I get home from London to find someone, and a part of me really want him to find someone else and another part want to do it =)
Because he is a really good photagrapher so the pictures is going to be really nice.
Something like this is the idea

vilken tjej

Jag lägger in ett inlägg här som inte alls har med London att göra men alla måste se denna tjejen!