All inclusive

Hello and good morning!
Today is cleaning day and I have to bring all my stuff up from the basement and unpack them, I have lived here now for a month and I haven't done that yet.
Right at this minute I'm sitting here thinking about new years eve and that I want to go to a warm country and spend it on the beach, but where to go? Do you have any ideas?
There are too many places I want to go, and it has to be all inclusive and a hotell without any kids.

Climbing squirrels

I just remembered that I promised you pictures of when the squirrel was climbing on me, and now I got them!
That was so awesome but a bit scary, I thought it was going to bite me at first =P

Portobello road

Hello hello everybody!
have you had a good day?
Mine was very long, or the afternoon was. I met Maria and we went to Portobello Road and just walked around for a while gossiping and shopped in the sun. 
After that we went to school and it never ended, it was so boring, so tomorrow I will skip one class and go to Westfield instead =P Haha the little rebell in me is coming out. 
A tired me this morning
The last hot chocolate from my favourite place
This is how Maria does it when she sees someone in the hallway that she knows, she throws her stuff on the floor and runs out in the hallway, screaming!
Now I'm just sitting in my bed and I'm going to sleep soon. This turned out to be a very interesting evening.