People that know me, they know that I hate to wait. I's so impatient when it comes to waiting, if I want something done I want it done now! 
So when I write a letter I want an answer to it, like everyother normal person. But now the waiting is killing me! I can't wait any longer I want the answer now, BUT the thing is, I don't know if I will ever get it. 


Feeling a little bit better today than I did on sunday!
The time flies by so fast here in London and soon it is time to go back home for christmas =)  I'm looking forward to that so much, just cuddle up in my mom and dads couch and drink hot chocolate all day long. And apparently take forest walks with my mom ;)
Are you looking forward to christmas? I love this time of year, it's so cozy and all the light everywhere! Now I'm just waiting for snow to fall here in London so I can see how beautiful this town looks covered in white fluffy snow!

Feeling sorry for myself

I have so much stuff in my head and I don't know where to start. The feeelings in my body is everywhere and so many times I just feel nothing, just empty and lonely.
My mom told me it's okej to feel sad for yourself and that is what I do now. Everybody else has someone to turn to, someone to hug and that knows their feelings, but I'm all alone in a different country without anybody that is in my situation. I have friends here that is awesome and helpfull but is not even close to the same thing, I just want to be with my family or a partner (that does not excist), to feel loved.
Everybody tells me that "soon you will be home for christmas and you will meet them", they are right, but after that I probably don't want to go back to London, and I have too so we will have to see how I feel then. Right now I just want to go home!
I'm so confused!